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JPN302: Japanese III Class Projects: さとうさとる

Books in the Five Colleges

Kappa to Mikazuki カッパと三日月

"Kappa to Mikazuki" カッパと三日月 is a short story by Sato Satoru 佐藤さとる, published in 読書の時間に読む本小学6年生1.

In this story a kappa has snuck into a field to steal vegetables when he is frightened by a samurai's horse who is running through the fields. Because of the fright, the kappa shrinks down to the size of a bean and he is afraid to go back to his home. In the middle of the night, he meets other tiny kappa and they live together in harmony. When the farmers come to harvest the crops, the other tiny kappa run away, but one kappa stays in his new home. The farmer thinks the kappa is a tree frog and protects his space. Everyone lives happily ever after.

What you need to know:

カッパ is a mythical water creature that is believed to live in streams, rivers, and ponds. The kanji for kappa is 河童. 

三日月 is a crescent moon. 

うり畑 (uribatake) a melon field. It is a vegetable more like a cucumber. 

豆 (mame) means bean. In this case it means bean-sized or tiny.

あまがえる (amagaeru) tree frog

Recommended by:

Sharon Domier recommends books by Sato Satoru if you like to read books like the Borrowers by Mary Norton. Also, the thoughts and customs of the korobokkuru open a window to learn more about Ainu and their respect for nature.

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