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ARH315: At Home in Pompeii: Iconographic & Literary Sources

Spring 2015, B. Kellum


Art Reference N7760 .L49 1981
Lexicon iconographicum mythologiae classicae (LIMC)
. 9 vols. Zürich: Artemis, 1981-1999.
"The most comprehensive illustrated encyclopedia of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman mythology...providing a brief description of each example from ancient art, extensive bibliographic citations, and line drawings or photographs of a large percentage of examples."

Art Reference BL715 .G713 1986
Grimal, Pierre. The Dictionary of Classical Mythology. Oxford: Blackwell, 1986.

Loeb Classical Library

Art Reference PA3623 - PA6968 (near the current periodical shelves)
Loeb Classical Library. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press.
Standard editions of Greek (green volumes) and Latin (red volumes) authors, with the orignal text presented on the left pages and modern English translations on the right.

How to Track Down Citations in the Loeb Library