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Sylvia Plath Special Collections Resources: Plath's Library

Collections related to Sylvia Plath in Smith College Special Collections


These books are part of Plath's personal library. Many contain annotations (handwritten notes), which are indicated in the catalog record for each book. The books are are listed in alphabetical order by author. The call number for each book begins with "825 P696L".


Book Call Number
The Oresteian trilogy / Aeschylus ; translated by Philip Vellacott. 825 P696L Ae
The ethics of Aristotle : the Nicomachean ethics / translated [by] J.A.K. Thomson. 825 P696L Are
Aristotle’s Politics / translated by Benjamin Jowett ; with an introduction by Max Lerner. 825 P696L Arp
The collected poetry of W.H. Auden. 825 P696L Audc
Nones / W.H. Auden. 825 P696L Audn
The city of God : (De civitate Dei) / Saint Augustine. 825 P696L Augci
The confessions of St Augustine / translated by E.B. Pusey ; with a foreword by A.H. Armstrong. 825 P696L Augco
Creatures of darkness / by Esther Baskin ; drawings by Leonard Baskin. 825 P696L Bas
Les fleurs du mal / Charles Baudelaire ; edited by Enid Starkie. 825 P696L Bau
Waiting for Godot : a tragicomedy in two acts / by Samuel Beckett. 825 P696L Bec
Homage to Mistress Bradstreet : and other poems / John Berryman. 825 P696L Ber
The portable Blake / selected and arranged, with an introduction, by Alfred Kazin. 825 P696L Bl
The story of the Bible : retold from Genesis to Revelation in the light of present knowledge for both the young and the mature / Walter Russell Bowie. 825 P696L Bow
The well wrought urn : studies in the structure of poetry / Cleanth Brooks. 825 P696L Br
Understanding poetry : an anthology for college students / by Cleanth Brooks, Jr., and Robert Penn Warren. 825 P696L Br2
The Writer’s handbook / edited by A.S. Burack. 825 P696L Bu
L’homme révolté / Albert Camus. 825 P696L Cam
Sartor resartus : On heroes and hero worship / Thomas Carlyle ; introduction by W.H. Hudson. 825 P696L Car
Cassell’s new French-English, English-French dictionary : with key to pronunciations and an appendix of proper names, weights and measures, etc. / edited by Ernest A. Baker ; with an introduction by Frank H. Vizetelly. 825 P696L Casf
Cassell’s new German and English dictionary : with a phonetic key to pronunciation / by Karl Breul. 825 P696L Casg
The poetical works of Chaucer / edited by F.N. Robinson. 825 P696L Cha
The white gate : adventures in the imagination of a child / Mary Ellen Chase ; decorations by Nora S. Unwin. 825 P696L Chas
The stories of Anton Tchekov / edited, with an introduction, by Roert N. Linscott. 825 P696L Che
Collected poems / E.E. Cummings. 825 P696L Cuc
I : six nonlectures / E.E. Cummings. 825 P696L Cui



Call Number

Collected rhymes & verses / Walter De la Mare ; with decorations by Berthold Wolpe.

 825 P696L De
Childbirth without fear : the principles and practice of natural childbirth / by Grantly Dick-Read. 825 P696L Di
The brothers Karamazov / by Fyodor Dostoyevsky ; translated by Constance Garnett ; introduction by M 825 P696L Dob
The diary of a writer / F.M. Dostoievsky ; translated and annotated by Boris Brasol. 825 P696L Dod
The short novels of Dostoevsky / with an introduction by Thomas Mann. 825 P696L Dos
T.S. Eliot, the design of his poetry / by Elizabeth Drew. 825 P696L Dr
Henry James / F.W. Dupee. 825 P696L Du
Saint Dunstan of Canterbury : a study of monastic reform in the tenth century / by Eleanor Shipley D 825 P696L Duc
The complete poems and plays / T.S. Eliot. 825 P696L El
Emerson : the basic writings of America’s sage / edited by Eduard C. Lindeman. 825 P696L Em
The Bacchae : and other plays / Euripides ; translated by Philip Vellacott. 825 P696L Eub
Three plays / Euripides ; translated by Philip Vellacott. 825 P696L Eut
The sound and the fury : &, As I lay dying / by William Faulkner ; with a new appendix as a foreword 825 P696L Fa
The age of Chaucer / edited by Boris Ford ; with an anthology of medieval poems. 825 P696L Ford
Aspects of the novel / by E.M. Forster. 825 P696L Fors
The golden bough : a study in magic and religion / by James George Frazer. 825 P696L Fra
The basic writings of Sigmund Freud / translated and edited, with an introduction, by A.A. Brill. 825 P696L Fre
Complete poems of Robert Frost. 825 P696L Fro
College botany / Harry J. Fuller ; Oswald Tippo. 825 P696L Fu


Books Call Number
Goethe’s poems / edited with an introduction, notes and a vocabulary by Clarence Willis Eastman. 825 P696L Goe
Restoration plays / introduction by Edmund Gosse. 825 P696L Gos
Die Blechtrommel : Roman / Günter Grass. 825 P696L Gr
New poets of England and America, second selection / English poets edited by Donald Hall ; American 825 P696L Hal
The college short story reader / edited by Harry W. Hastings. 825 P696L Has
Hawthorne’s short stories / edited and with an introduction by Newton Arvin. 825 P696L Haw
Catch-22 / Joseph Heller. 825 P696L Hel
A Shropshire lad / A.E. Housman ; with decorations by Aldren Watson. 825 P696L Ho
Enquiries concerning the human understanding and concerning the principles of morals / by David Hume 825 P696L Hu
Eleven plays of Henrik Ibsen / introduction by H.L. Mencken. 825 P696L Ib
International modern plays. 825 P696L In


Book Call Number
The ambassadors / by Henry James ; with introductions by Martin W. Sampson and John C. Gerber. 825 P696L Jaha
The golden bowl / Henry James. 825 P696L Jahg
The lesson of the master : and other stories / by Henry James. 825 P696L Jahl
The portrait of a lady / by Henry James ; introduction by Fred B. Millet. 825 P696L Jahp
Selected short stories / Henry James ; edited with an introduction by Quentin Anderson. 825 P696L Jahs
What Maisie knew / by Henry James. 825 P696L Jahw
The varieties of religious experience : a study in human nature : being the Gifford lectures on natural religion delivered at Edinburgh in 1901-1902 / by William James. 825 P696L Jaw
Hamlet and Œdipus / Ernest Jones. 825 P696L Jone
Ben Jonson’s Plays / introduction by Felix E. Schelling. 825 P696L Jons
Chamber music / James Joyce ; edited with an introduction and notes by William York Tindall. 825 P696L Joyc
Dubliners / by James Joyce ; introduction by Padraic Colum. 825 P696L Joyd
Finnegans wake / by James Joyce. 825 P696L Joyf
Ulysses / by James Joyce; with a foreword by Morris L. Ernst and the decision of the United States D 825 P696L Joyu
Selected short stories of Franz Kafka / translated by Willa and Edwin Muir ; introduction by Philip 825 P696L Ka
The letters of John Keats / edited by Maurice Buxton Forman. 825 P696L Ke
Kant / by S. Körner. 825 P696L Ko
Philosophy in a new key : a study in the symbolism of reason, rite and art / by Susanne K. Langer. 825 P696L Lan
Aaron’s rod / by D.H. Lawrence. 825 P696L Lawa
The complete poems / D.H. Lawrence. 825 P696L Lawcp
The complete short stories of D.H. Lawrence. 825 P696L Lawcs
Lady Chatterley’s lover / D.H. Lawrence. 825 P696L Lawl
The plumed serpent / D.H. Lawrence. 825 P696L Lawp
The rainbow / by D.H. Lawrence. 825 P696L Lawr
Selected essays / D.H. Lawrence. 825 P696L Lawse
Sons and lovers / by D.H. Lawrence ; with an introduction by John Macy. 825 P696L Lawso
Studies in classic American literature / by D.H. Lawrence. 825 P696L Lawst
Women in love / D.H. Lawrence ; with an introduction by Richard Aldington. 825 P696L Laww
The great tradition / by F.R. Leavis. 825 P696L Leg
New bearings in English poetry : a study of the contemporary situation / F.R. Leavis. 825 P696L Len
Revaluation : tradition & development in English poetry / F.R. Leavis. 825 P696L Ler
An essay concerning human understanding / John Locke ; abridged and edited by Raymond Wilburn. 825 P696L Loc
Imitations / Robert Lowell. 825 P696L Lowi
Lord Weary’s castle / Robert Lowell. 825 P696L Lowl


Book Call Number
The prince : and, The discourses / by Niccolò Machiavelli ; with an introduction by Max Lerner. 825 P696L Mac
Death in Venice : and seven other stories / Thomas Mann ; translated from the German by H.T. Lowe-Po 825 P696L Man
Christopher Marlowe / edited by Havelock Ellis with an introduction by J.A. Symonds. 825 P696L Mar
Moby-Dick, or, The whale / Herman Melville ; introduction by Newton Arvin. 825 P696L Mel
A review of French grammar / by André Mesnard. 825 P696L Mes
Second April / Edna St. Vincent Millay. 825 P696L Mil
Paradise lost / John Milton ; edited by Merritt Y. Hughes. 825 P696L Mipl
Paradise regained : the minor poems ; and, Samson Agonistes : complete and arranged chronologically 825 P696L Mipr
The Penguin book of modern American verse / selected with an introduction and notes by Geoffrey Moor 825 P696L Mog
Collected poems / Marianne Moore. 825 P696L Momc
Predilections / Marianne Moore. 825 P696L Momp
Thus spake Zarathustra / by Friedrich Nietzsche ; translated by Thomas Common. 825 P696L N
The Oxford book of eighteenth century verse / chosen by David Nichol Smith. 825 P696L Oei
The Oxford book of English verse, 1250-1918 / chosen and edited by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch. 825 P696L Oen
The Oxford book of sixteenth century verse / chosen by E.K. Chambers. 825 P696L Os


Book Call Number
Picasso / [Exhibition. Organized by] the Arts Council of Great Britain. [At the Tate Gallery, 6 July to 18 September. 825 P696L Pi
Euthyphro : Apology ; Crito ; Phaedo ; Phaedrus / Plato ; with an English translation by Harold North Fowler ; and an introduction by W.R.M. Lamb. 825 P696L Ple I
Lysis : Symposium ; Gorgias / Plato ; with an English translation by W.R.M. Lamb. 825 P696L Ple V
Five dialogues / Plato. 825 P696L Plf
Plato’s The republic / translated into English by B. Jowett. 825 P696L Plr
A Christmas story / Katherine Anne Porter. 825 P696L Po
Swann’s way / by Marcel Proust ; translated by C.K. Scott Moncrieff ; introduction by Lewis Galanti 825 P696L Pr
Théâtre complet de Racine : suivi d’un choix de ses épigrammes concernant son théatre / avec une préface, des notices et des notes par Maurice Rat. 825 P696L Rac
The painted caravan : a penetration into the secrets of the tarot cards / by Basil Ivan Rákóczi. 825 P696L Rak
Selected poems / by John Crowe Ransom. 825 P696L Ran
The lonely crowd : a study of the changing American character / by David Riesman ; with Nathan Glaze 825 P696L Rie
Der ausgewählten Gedichte erster Teil / Rainer Maria Rilke. 825 P696L Rila
LinkSonnets to Orpheus : written as a monument for Wera Ouckama Knoop / Rainer Maria Rilke ; the German text, with an English translation, introduction & notes by J.B. Leishman. 825 P696L Rils
A season in hell / Arthur Rimbaud ; revised English translation by Louise Varèse ; Une saison en enfer. 825 P696L Rim
Poèmes / Pierre de Ronsard ; choisis et commentés par André Barbier. 825 P696L Ron
German in review : a concise survey of grammar / Robert O. Röseler. 825 P696L Ros
Selected poems / Muriel Rukeyser. 825 P696L Ru


Book Call Number
LinkWind, sand and stars / Antoine de Saint Exupéry ; decorations by John O’H. Cosgrave II ; translated from the French by Lewis Galantière. 825 P696L Sai
Nine stories / by J.D. Salinger. 825 P696L Sal
All my pretty ones / Anne Sexton. 825 P696L Se
The complete plays and poems of William Shakespeare : a new text / edited with introduction and note 825 P696L Sha
Psychology and the Promethean will : a constructive study of the acute common problem of education, 825 P696L She
The canticle of the rose : poems: 1917-1949 / Edith Sitwell. 825 P696L Si
Smith College bulletin : the catalogue number, 1953-1954. 825 P696L Sm
Electra : and other plays / Sophocles ; translated by E.F. Watling. 825 P696L Soe
The Theban plays / translated by E.F. Watling. 825 P696L Sot
Baby & child care / Benjamin Spock. 825 P696L Sp
West of your city : poems / by William Stafford. 825 P696L Sta
Cambridge / by John Steegman. 825 P696L Stee
The autobiography of Alice B. Toklas / by Gertrude Stein. 825 P696L Stei
The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, gentleman / by Laurence Sterne ; edited with an introduction by Samuel Holt Monk. 825 P696L Ster
The collected poems of Wallace Stevens. 825 P696L Stev
Eight famous plays : / August Strindberg / translated by Edwin Björkman and N. Erichsen ; with an introduction by Alan Harris. 825 P696L Str
Collected plays / John M. Synge. 825 P696L Sy
The Teach yourself French phrase book. 825 P696L Te
In country sleep : and other poems / by Dylan Thomas. 825 P696L Thi
Under milk wood : a play for voices / Dylan Thomas. 825 P696L Thu
Iván Ilých and Hadji Murád / by Leo Tolstóy ; translated by Louise and Aylmer Maude ; with a preface by Aylmer Maude. 825 P696L To
Modern British poetry / edited by Louis Untermeyer. 825 P696L U

Digitized Books

Contact Special Collections at for access to digital content. Due to copyright restrictions, materials cannot be published on the web.

Book Call Number
Les fleurs du mal / Charles Baudelaire ; edited by Enid Starkie. 825 P696L Bau
The painted caravan : a penetration into the secrets of the tarot cards / by Basil Ivan Rákóczi. 825 P696L Rak
A season in hell / Arthur Rimbaud ; revised English translation by Louise Varèse ; Une saison en en 825 P696L Rim
Psychology and the Promethean will : a constructive study of the acute common problem of education, 825 P696L She
Camino Real / by Tennessee Williams. 825 P696L Willt