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Library Course Reserves: Required Materials: FAQs

Questions about Ebooks

How long can I have an ebook out for?

It depends on the ebook. Please see our ebook section.

Can I access an ebook if it’s available specifically at a Five College campus (such at Mount Holyoke or UMass) but not Smith? 

Sadly, no. In some cases, there are only individual institution licenses. You could request that we order a Smith-specific ebook copy, or access the resource on site while on site at the institution that has a license. You can also request a print copy of the resource!

How do I “return” an ebook? 

You will not always need to “return” an ebook. If the resource is only available under a one-user-at-a-time license, however, here’s what you should do:

  • Log out of your account in Moodle, or quit your current web browser.
  • Alternatively, if you downloaded the edition into Adobe Digital Editions, right-click the item you want to return and select “Return Borrowed Item”.
    Screenshot of the "Return Borrowed Book" menu item in Adobe Digital Editions.

General Questions

What do I do if the required readings for my course(s) are not listed? 

  • Touch base with your instructor! We work closely with faculty and strongly encourage folks to submit their requests through our reserves request form so that everyone has the resources they need.
  • Email us at

What do I do if the course I’m taking is missing a required resource?

  • Report anything that may be missing to
  • Keep in mind that we may still be working on to finding the resource, scanning a chapter, or digitizing a DVD. 
  • Give us as many details as you can such as the course, the resource, and any other relevant information.
  • If you are having a technical issue with accessing material, let us know as much as you can. It helps if you can include a screenshot.

I’m a Five College user or I have a Five College student enrolled in my class. How do they access Smith-specific resources?

  • When enrolled in a Smith course, Five College students get a temporary Smith login. This should consist of a prefix for their home institution followed by the username. The prefixes are a- for Amherst, h- for Hampshire, m- for Mount Holyoke, and u- for UMass. For example, if Jane Doe from Hampshire has the username jdoe, her Smith credentials would be h-jdoe and her regular password. If a student encounters problems logging in to their “Smith” account, contact ITS at

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