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Library Course Reserves: Required Materials: For Faculty

Submitting Requests

Do you have required material for your course that you would like students to easily access in one place? It doesn’t matter whether we have it in the catalog or not – submit a request!

We will place an order for the item if we do not own a copy or have a license, and then make sure it is available to students. (In Spring 2021, because of COVID-19, we will always opt to purchase books in electronic format when possible.)

You can use the reserves request form to let us know about what you need. Don’t worry about filling out every field; most of the form is optional. Please do include the following:

  • Title
  • Library permalink (if you have a specific item in mind, and we own it already)
  • Date needed by (if applicable)

Screenshot of reserves request form

New Materials

You may be familiar with using the faculty order form for material that we do not yet own. Please place a request through the reserves team, and we will fill it out for you. (You do not need to submit both forms.)

Have questions about using materials not yet owned by the Libraries? Email us at

Screenshot of the faculty order form

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