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Josephine Hernandez
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BIO154: Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
by Josephine Hernandez - Last Updated Dec 3, 2012
Fall 2012, L. Katz and S. Record
Tags: bio, biodiversity, conservation, ecology, fall12, katz, record
CHM 326: Synthesis and Structural Analysis
by Josephine Hernandez - Last Updated Jan 26, 2012
Spring 2012, D. Gorin
ENG118: Water: Science and Politics
by Josephine Hernandez - Last Updated Dec 3, 2014
Fall 2014, N. Moreira
Tags: eng, eng 118, engfa14, fall14, moreira, politics, science, water
FYS190: Images and Understanding
by Josephine Hernandez, Neilson Reference - Last Updated Jul 10, 2014
Fall 2010, Doug Patey
Tags: fall10, fys, images, patey
FYS191: Sense and Essence in Nature
by Josephine Hernandez - Last Updated Oct 17, 2012
Fall 2012, L. Burk
Tags: burk, essense, fall12, fys, fys 191, fysf12, nature, sense
PHY109/AST109: The Big Bang and Beyond
by Josephine Hernandez - Last Updated Jun 25, 2012
Spring 2009, G. Felder
Tags: ast, astronomy, big_bang, felder, phy, physics, spring09
PSY111: Introduction to Psychology
by Josephine Hernandez - Last Updated Dec 15, 2014
Fall 2014, M.J. Wraga
Tags: fall14, psy, psy 111, psychology, wraga
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