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Marlene Wong
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(413) 585-2931
Werner Josten Library
Mendenhall Center for the Performing Arts

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DAN144: Tango! @ Josten Performing Arts Library
by Marlene Wong - Last Updated Nov 17, 2011
Spring 2011, D. Trenner
Tags: dance, josten, music, spring10, tango, trenner, world_music
DAN540: History & Literature of Dance
by Marlene Wong - Last Updated Sep 17, 2012
Spring 2009, C. Hill
Tags: choreography, dan, dance, hill, spring09
DAN540: History and Literature of Dance
by Marlene Wong - Last Updated Sep 21, 2012
Fall 2012: L. Tomé
Tags: dan540, dance_history, dance_literature, tome, wong
John Duke & the American Art Song
by Marlene Wong - Last Updated Jan 23, 2012
"Marking a Century: Music at Smith (1909-2009)" - February 9, 2010 (Marlene Wong)
Tags: american, art-song, art_song, john_duke, mus, music
MUS101: Introduction to World Music
by Marlene Wong - Last Updated Sep 10, 2014
Fall 2013 (M.Sarkissian)
Tags: ethnomusicology, fall11, mus, mus 101, music, sarkissian, world_music
MUS201: Music from the Pre-Classic to the Post-Modern
by Marlene Wong - Last Updated Nov 19, 2012
Spring 2010, P. Bloom - Introduction to the Werner Josten Library
Tags: bloom, mus, music, music_appreciation, music_history, spring10
THE213: American Theatre & Drama
by Marlene Wong - Last Updated Apr 14, 2010
Fall 2009, H. Derr
Tags: american, derr, drama, fall09, the, theater, theatre
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