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Smith's Extraordinary Auxilliary Library

Smith College is a member of the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), which acquires and
preserves "unique and little-known documents."
 The collections, which number about five
million items, are international in scope  and made available to researchers at member institutions 
interlibrary loan, electronic delivery, and on-site use at CRL in Chicago. 
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Specialized Research Help

Smith researchers may contact Mary Wilke, CRL’s Member Liaison and Outreach Services Director, with a reference question or problem. She will help you identify material of interest on your topic, materials for classroom use, specific pieces needed from a set, possible material for purchase using one of CRL’s Cooperative Resource Development Programs, possible donors to digital projects, and partners to supply missing material for digital project.

Search the CRL Collections

CRL Catalog 
Search all collections or limit to serials, newspapers, dissertations, or digital materials.

Look for the holding library code “CRL” when searching Worldcat.

Topic Guides 
Provides insights on key source materials for research in areas of special interest to CRL libraries,” for example:

Get help from Esther Roth-Katz

Esther Roth-Katz


Young Library 108

Libraries Service Desk:

CRL Collection Highlights

  • Newspapers - 6,500 international newspapers, 2,500 US newspapers (many dating to the colonial era), 2,000 US ethnic newspapers
  • Doctoral dissertations - 800,000 titles from outside the US and Canada
  • Government documents and other publications - Census reports, legislative journals, official gazettes, and archival collections
  • Journals - More than 65,000 titles, over 30,000 of which are in languages other than English. These include historic science journals, technology, industrial, and trade journals
  • Area Studies - Major microform and paper collections from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, South Asia, East Asian, Southeast Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe, and other regions

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